The Boro App

The Boro App

The Boro has launched a custom app that manages and operates our Boro District Amenities. The app also allows you to discover events, offered services, updates and happenings across The Boro District.

To sign up, click the links to download for iOS and download for Android and use your company email address to register.

Amenity Reservations

The Boro app allows you to make reservations in the conference centers, lounges, terraces and rooftops across The Boro District. Choose the right room layout, request AV services and complete your booking in just a few steps.

Tenant Admin Web Dashboard

As a main point of contact, you have access to features on both the app and tenant admin web dashboard. The cove Admin Dashboard is the gateway for point of contacts to access amenity reservations, register visitors and stay up to date on building news. For more information click here.

Click here to access the Tenant Admin Web Dashboard.